Work/Life Balance is BS!

Here you can create harmony, ease, and flow.

We’ve heard (and felt) it all.

We know what it’s like to do everything,

but still not feel like we’re doing enough.

To feel incredibly happy, but terrified at the same time.

To look in the mirror and not really feel like ourselves anymore.

To look around and see a lot of people, but still feel incredibly lonely.

It’s time to find joy in the journey again. We’re here to grab your hand and help you, every step of the way.

This membership is for all you mom entrepreneurs out there juggling motherhood and business.


The Mom Elevated Society is the group for you!

Upgrade Your Society Experience! Become a VIP today.” — this’ll add on one 1-1 call with me for $247/month

The guilt trip is over.

It’s time to take back your sanity and your life.

The Mom Elevated Society is a place where mom entrepreneurs

can rise and thrive together in motherhood and business.

It’s time to trade the unrealistic and stressful standard for realistic and simple truths.

And the truth is, we weren’t created to do it all alone.

The Mom Elevated Society is committed to supporting moms in both motherhood and business,

giving them the tools and accountability to connect deeply with others,

be fully seen & heard, and learn how to make this ride a little less bumpy.

Personal Growth

We take motherhood & business as seriously as a hot cup of coffee around here (and we know how rare one of those are these days).

Not only do we want to thrive in motherhood, but we want to take back your life and help you find “you” again.

Digital Community

Sweatpants, messy bun, and big bags (you know, the kind under your eyes)?

You’ll fit right in.

Connect with other moms who just get it! Ask questions, build relationships, and receive that needed monthly accountability check-in, all in a judgment-free zone.

Expert Trainings

Toddler having a total meltdown every day? Teenager fighting you tooth and nail with, well, everything? No more time?

We get it. Which is why you’ll have access to Expert trainings on topics from sleep training and coping with stress all the way to managing money and mindset.


Don’t wait!

Click below and join us today.

Upgrade Your Society Experience! Become a VIP today.” — this’ll add on one 1-1 call with me for $247/month

* As a member, you’ll access quarterly guest expert trainings. Take a peek at some of the topics already inside. *

Featured Trainings:

Nikki Novak – Drawing Boundaries

Jennifer Forry – Decision: The Magic Mental Activity

Michelle Purta – Creating Connection Through Communication

Melisa Gage – Make Money Mama NOT Stress! Four Steps to Financial Organization

What is the goal of this membership group?

To equip mompreneurs with tools they can:





The overall goal is to enlighten, elevate, and engage you as a mom in business so that you can reflect the best mama version of yourself possible.

PLUS, you NOW receive quarterly support through the

Gift Yourself Grace Program!











Have someone in your pocket to help you get organized, reflect, and assess on a regular basis throughout the ENTIRE year.

As you invest in yourself and your business, you need something to help you assess what’s going well without breaking the bank (so you can also invest in other areas as well).

You’ll be able to:

    reframe thoughts
    redirect situations
    reassess goals or priorities
Change the narrative and set the course you want to set your business (and life) on with a plan of which actions to take!

You also get a workbook that allows you to:

    work at your own pace
    bring it filled out and ready
    fill it out during the session

Set yourself up for the next successful quarter through prompts for peace, perspective, and imperfection.
The time is now!

New Attitude

“I am so grateful for all that I have learned from Jessica and her program. I am taking my new attitude and applying it towards every aspect in my life and cannot wait to see how my future unfolds with all the new tips and tricks I have learned. Jessica and her guest experts in the Mom Elevated Society help take my thought process and attitude towards life in a totally new direction. Today, with Jennie Webb, I learned how to achieve a passionate why to get my financial life back on track and how I can implement her thought process to apply to all aspects of my life.”

~ Debbie R.


Very Helpful

“Jessica’s Mom Elevated Society group is very helpful if you’re looking for community. I equally enjoy the friendship we have created as well. The community is very welcoming and full of knowledge. It’s not like anything I’ve been apart of as a new entrepreneur mom. I highly recommend to any entrepreneur mom looking for community and growth!”

~ Kim P.


Positive Enviroment

“I cannot say enough good things about Mom Elevated society. Not only do you get some great trainings, you gain a virtual support team from moms who have been in situations similar to your own. I’ve learned so many new things to guide me in my mom journey, and it is so uplifting to be part of the positive environment that Jessica has created.”

~ Megan Q.


Peace of Mind

“Being in the Mom Elevated society I now have such a peace of mind knowing that I have the tools and the support I need to be the BEST parent and wife I can be for my family. This really is the village I didn’t know I needed.”

~ Lauren K.


Value and Support

“I’ve gotten SO much value and support out of the Mom Elevated Society! From feet on the ground advice and tips from experts about real issues that I’m experiencing with my kids right then to valuable tips on running a business, running a home, and just running a life. I can’t recommend enough joining, seriously guys, you won’t regret it!”

~ Ariane C.


Sign Me Up!

Join the Mom Elevated Society today.


Click below and join us today.

Upgrade Your Society Experience! Become a VIP today.” — this’ll add on one 1-1 call with me for $247/month

What’s the worst that can happen by signing up?

  You meet some amazing moms in business, just like you

  You make new life-long friends

  You gain the confidence to stand in your own power

  You hear the wisdom of those moms who have been in the same trenches and have come out the other side

  You feel steady in the choices you are making for your family

  You become the mom entrepreneur you always knew you could be!


Yes, I can’t wait to Join.

If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of entrepreneur mom-life…

    If you’ve ever wondered if there was another way to do what it is you’re doing…

  If you’ve ever wanted to connect with other moms traveling through the same journey as you…


This is the place you need to be!

This group will benefit you as a mom and business owner immensely, but only if you show up and take the support.

With an all-access pass for 1 month at a time, you’ll get acclimated, meet and connect with other amazing moms, hear from incredible guest experts, get extra advice when needed, and receive all the support and tips in your mompreneurial journey you are looking for each day.

Choosing a 12-month commitment can make a BIG difference. Dive deep into the support, hear all of the fabulous guest experts, connect with other phenomenal moms, and get the tips and advice in your mom entrepreneurial journey you need.

Add the 1-1 sessions to gain the extra accountability and brainstorming that is so necessary when you’re juggling so much.

*You will then be billed every month or year after your initial billing cycle.

About  Jessie

While watching Call The Midwife, she was struck with the idea of starting an online community meant to bring back that support, guidance, and boost needed today.

In this time of independence and do-it-yourself, bringing back the “it takes a village” sentiment felt imperative and important.

We are strong and we can do it all by ourselves, but why?? We certainly don’t need to.

Can’t wait to share The Mom Elevated Society space with you!

Not ready for a long-term commitment?

That’s okay! Let’s do a 3-Day Intensive instead.